Flooring Completed.

The basic flooring is complete!
 If you've been following along, you might notice we didn't wind up with the bamboo flooring like I'd mentioned in the last post. After discussing the flooring options with the salesman at Lumber Liquidators, he suggested we go with a wholly synthetic product vs a natural or combination product.
His suggestion was based on the fact the trailer will be stored without heat during the winter and be subject to high temps and humidity during the summer. He predicted that we'd run into cupping/warping issues at some point and the synthetic product would be the only way to ensure we avoided those problems. So, we wound up selecting this hickory look vinyl product that's laid down with interlocking edges to simulate wood without the natural wood product concerns. We're really happy with the way it turned out. We'll be adding aluminium corner material on all the inside and outside edges around the pan (lowered section of floor). This should create a cool contrast against the wood grain and help maintain some of the retro feel we're looking for.

Now, onto the walls!