The "Patient" as she arrived...

To give some flavor to what we started with, we'll begin with a set of pics to show inside and out what we've gotten ourselves into.

As you can see, she was pretty rough all around. But nothing like what she was hiding under her skin.  We really have no idea regarding number of previous owners, so attributing all the bizarre colors and shoddy fixes to one person or persons isn't possible. But, based on what was there, they all attended the same classes in midnight engineering and jerry-rigging. 

Although not visible in all the pictures, the purple paint appears to have been rolled on. It must have been the largest possible roller that was available, because very little was spared from the purple menace including cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures or logos. She was in need of paint I guess, and nothing was gonna slow that job down by gosh. And hey, while we're at it, what can't be painted, we might as well cover with this swell paneling...we can attach it with these silver washer head screws, that'll fancy up the place!

All kidding aside, I can understand not wanting to spend a bunch on repairs, but wow, most of these "fixes" just made us shake our head and laugh. As I mentioned, we knew this was all going away, so we enjoyed tearing it all out just to see what was hiding behind each layer. Next I'll post the demolition gallery and you'll see the terror that lurked beneath.